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Stylish Store Shutters Protecting Your Property

Safe View rollshutters pictured as a perforated rolling door or rolling grille for stores in a mallTalius Safe View rollshutters are retail store gates that will protect your property or storefront from vandalism and crimes of opportunity while allowing for 24-hour visibility. Safe View rollshutters are strong, secure, and durable.

Each Safe View product is a rolling grille that easily glides into place when you need it and can be easily retracted when you don’t. Our rollshutters are roll up security doors that retract with the click of a button, making them convenient for anyone to operate.

Whether you operate a mall storefront or want to ensure that your street facing property is secure with retail store gates – Safe View rollshutters are the ideal solution that provides peace of mind and allows for potential shoppers to view your displays 24/7.

Combining Purposeful Rolling Grilles with Design and Style

Talius Safe View Rollshutter image of store shutters closed in a mall with people shoppingThe stylish appearance and design of Safe View rollshutters allow for storefront gates that harmoniously suit any building architecture including the interior of modern shopping malls, supermarkets, and small shops.

The unique rolling grille design and functionality of Safe View rollshutters allows your shop or storefront to be fully protected while your inventory and displays are still visible to potential customers.

In addition, our Safe View rollshutters are security grilles that allow for natural light to enter your shop or store front. This is ideal for locations that continue to work after shopping hours have ended!

Lightweight and Durable Roll Down Security Gates for Retail Stores

Talius Safe View rollshutters are made of aluminum. Compared to other security grilles made from steel, Talius Safe View rollshutters are lightweight yet extremely durable.  Aluminum rolling grilles are resistant to corrosion, rain, and fluctuations in temperature. Just as with our other rollshutter products, all Safe View rollshutters as storefront gates are solid and secure, environmentally friendly, and lightweight.

Our lightweight design complements how convenient Safe View rollshutters are to use. With the click of a button, our rollshutters easily retract. This means any of your employees and workers can easily open and close the storefront with your new security grilles!

Talius Safe View rollshutters are store shutter that are built to last. We engineer all our security grilles to withstand forced entry and only use the finest quality and most durable materials to ensure your business is well protected.

Safe View Technical Security Grille Specifications

Safe View Rollshutters are rolldown security gates for retail stores available with grille and perforated profiles. Several different profile combinations are also available to suit the specific needs of your shop or storefront.

Each Safe View Rollshutters offers the following specifications and benefits:

  • Extruded aluminum profiles
  • Light transmission: Grille – up to 42%, Perforated – up to 29%
  • Options available for protection against unauthorized lifting of the unit when it is in the down position
  • Safe View reinforcement bar may be used in combination with grille and perforated profiles
  • Max dimensions: width 2.5m, area 13.5m2

Safe View Rollshutters image of the rolling grilles technical specifications

Talius Safe View Rollshutters Provide Peace-of-Mind

Talius has been in business for over 30 years providing each of customers with quality and service they can trust. As an industry leader in commercial security, we are proud to take on any size of project.

No job is too big or too small for Talius. Our large inventory, certified engineering department, and knowledgeable sales team will ensure that you always receive high quality, reliable and innovative security solutions that meet your specific needs.