Safe View FAQs

Safe View rollshutters are made of high-quality aluminum and stainless-steel components making them more resistant to corrosion, rain, and fluctuations in temperature than rollshutters made of steel. Extruded aluminum profiles and guide rails provide a durable security solution while allowing between 29 and 42% light transmission for 24 hour see-through security. The roll-formed aluminum overhead panel box houses a rolling carriage assembly that glides forward and backward to ensure smooth operation.

With see-through profiles, Safe View rollshutters allow store owners to showcase products 24 hours a day without compromising security. They are perfect for shopping centres, jewellery stores, supermarkets and commercial storefronts. They are also ideal for in-store counter enclosures, cigarette and gun cabinets, pharmacy counters and the like.

Operated by motorized control, they are easily deployed or retracted with a simple click of a button. They can also be integrated with building automation systems and can be operated remotely with a smart device. Manual control options are also available.

Safe View rollshutter profiles are only available in Silver and they cannot be custom painted because of the openings in the profile.

Yes, all Talius rollshutters including Safe View rollshutters, provide a strong barrier against break-in attempts.

Choose traditional rollshutters if you are looking for many solutions in one. However, if you only want to showcase products during closure hours while ensuring your products remain safe and secure, choose Talius Safe View rollshutters.