Discover the Benefits Habitat Screens™

Talius Habitat Screens™ have a variety of benefits for your outdoor living space. Habitat Screens™ offer the following benefits:

Habitat Screens Solutions

Sun protection habitat screens

Sun Protection

Talius Habitat Screens™ are a sun protection solution. They are retractable, energy efficient, and an attractive alternative to traditional interior blinds and window treatments.

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Energy efficiency solutions

Energy Efficiency

Installed on the outside of windows, Talius rollshutters and Habitat Screens™ will improve your energy efficiency. They are innovative, energy efficient products proven to enhance the quality of your indoor environment.

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bug protection habitat screens

Bug Protection

Talius Habitat Screens™ are an ideal solution for bug protection. In addition to providing superior sun protection and energy efficiency, Habitat Screens™ also prevent insects from entering your home or outdoor living space.

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Habitat Screens Solutions Gallery

Habitat Screens offer endless solutions for your home, business, or outdoor living space.