Habitat Clear FAQ’s

Talius regular Habitat Screens are designed to block the sun. Habitat Clear will help regulate thermal comfort in cool months by trapping warm air in, but in summer, they will not block the heat from the sun. They are excellent for blocking wind, rain, dust, snow, to name a few. The guide rails, panel box and screen create a completely enclosed system so they too will keep insects out.

Habitat Clear are fabulous for commercial and residential patio enclosures, reception halls, pool enclosures, or anywhere you simply want to expand your useable space.

Choose Habitat Clear when you want to block weather only and not the sun. Habitat Clear screens do block UV and will protect against harmful UV exposure.

Habitat Clear screens do require a little extra care to preserve the clear visibility of the clear vinyl. Dirt and debris can easily scratch the surface or cause dimpling if not removed before retracting. It is also not recommended to retract the curtain when wet. Talius recommends using a soft cloth to wipe away moisture or dirt and debris.

Yes, they can be integrated into home automation systems and operated remotely from a smart device.