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Improve your Energy Efficiency with Talius Window Screens!

Talius exterior solar shades and window screens to improve energy efficiencyExterior Solar Shades from Talius Rollshutters are an energy efficient solution for sun protection.  If you are looking for energy efficient window screens to help reduce your energy consumption and save you money, Talius has the product designed for you. Talius exterior window screens, called Habitat Screens, are innovative, and a quality product that will enhance your outdoor living space.

Sun protection is at the heart of our energy efficient window solutions. Talius window coverings protect your home from solar rays to create a cool and comfortable environment for your home or workspace.  They work to block the sun’s intense heat and protect you and your home from harmful UV rays that can also be damaging over time. Be comfortable, reduce your environmental footprint, and save money with energy efficient window coverings!

Combine Energy Efficient Solar Shades with Design and Style

Exterior Solar Shades reduce solar radiation. Thus, the potential damage to furniture and flooring in the and solar overheating in the summer is greatly reduced. Talius’ energy efficient blinds and energy efficient shades also ensure that heat loss through windows in the winter and the risk of condensation on the surfaces of windows is reduced.

Habitat Screens don’t only work well, our exterior solar shades are designed to look great and blend seamlessly with the decor of your property.  We know that you take pride in your home or business and that’s why we have made innovative products that complement your individual taste and style. What’s more, our window screens are completely retractable, so you will never have to sacrifice your view.

The Truth About Exterior Solar Shades

Talius exterior solar shades for commercial buildingsTalius rollshutters and Habitat Screens™ were chosen by the National Research Council of Canada for a comprehensive study on energy efficiency. The study looked at exterior solar shading versus interior solar shading. It concluded that Talius products are the most efficient to:

  • reduce heating and cooling energy use,
  • had an on-peak cooling power demand,
  • reduce moisture condensation on the interior surfaces of windows in your home.

Talius exterior solar shades stop the sun’s heat and glare before it even reaches your windows. This reduces solar heat gain by 80% when compares to alternative window treatments. Energy saving window treatments work with you to improve your household or business energy efficiency. The helpful team at Talius is ready to get you started with awesome energy efficient window solutions.

Talius Habitat Screens Give You Peace-of-Mind

Talius is a service oriented company and we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellent customer service. For more than 30 years, we have earned the trust of our clients. We pride ourselves on being a reputable industry leader.  We achieve value and peace of mind, by working closely with each of our clients to provide the best possible service and solutions to their needs.

You can count on Talius to get you the results you are looking for. If you have any questions or would like to install Habitat Screens ™ or our exterior window shutters for your home or business, our helpful representatives are always available to you.