Tani Rademaker

Are High-End Custom-Made Retractable Screen Doors Worth the Cost?

Thinking about installing screen doors? There are several options available from traditional sliding screen doors to high-end custom-made retractable screen doors, all of which vary greatly in price.  Think about the reasons why you want to install a screen door and look at what benefits the different options provide. Finding the right solution for your …

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What are Solar Shades?

Are you looking to tone down the sunlight inside your property without compromising your view?   Solar shades do just that and more to protect the interior of your home or business. They have become a popular window treatment, designed to save money and energy. Talius Habitat Screens are easily produced; with the right measurements …

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Rollshutters Vs. Impact Windows

Storm protection solutions are expanding on the market, tailored to the evolving nature of natural hazards. Homeowners can now choose from options like Rollshutters and Impact Windows for protection against extreme weather events. Here is a deeper look at how Rollshutters and Impact Windows stand out and provide maximum storm protection: Rollshutters Rollshutters are known …

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