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Welcome to our new Energy Savings Calculator

Estimate the potential benefits for your building

Use our new energy savings calculator to see how much you can save when Talius Energy-efficient Habitat Screens are installed on your or your client’s building.

For high-rises, simply enter your square footage, number of floors, the total wall square footage and window square footage to learn how much you can save in energy use, carbon emissions and money. Compare the savings you can realize in just one year or over many years that appear in the chart below.

The Talius’ energy calculator that works for high-rise building calculations is based on multiple research studies. We work with Sustainable Projects Group (SPG), Canada’s highest trained professionals in energy efficiency, to validate our findings using simulation models that capture local climate parameters.

Want to go further with energy savings? The experts at SPG will inform, support, and collaborate with you on all your energy management needs, from energy audits to installation to post-project support, including incentive and funding opportunities. Contact SPG today to learn how Talius products can save you money and the environment.