Energy Efficiency

energy efficiency for your home

How Can You Increase the Energy Efficiency of Your Home?

by Ryan Johnson |March 25, 2021 |0 Comments | Tips & Tricks | , ,

Have you ever found yourself thinking: “how can I become more environmentally conscious?” Before taking a giant set of steps Read More

sustainable practices

8 Things We Can Do Today at Home to Be More Sustainable

by Ryan Johnson |January 19, 2021 |0 Comments | General |

These days, it’s all about being sustainable. After all, the future of the earth depends on it. Most people think Read More

How Being Energy Efficient Can Result In Tax Credits & Rebates

How Being Energy Efficient Can Result In Tax Credits & Rebates

by Ryan Johnson |November 9, 2020 |0 Comments | Tips & Tricks |

The battle against the quickly unfolding effects of climate change has led governments to mobilize their greatest asset: its people. Read More

carbon Neutral

The Difference Between Carbon Neutral and Net-Zero

by Ryan Johnson |September 29, 2020 |0 Comments | General |

Countries across the globe are rethinking policy frameworks and channeling resources towards reversing the dire effect of climate change on Read More

zero-carbon footprint

Is It Possible To Have A Zero-Carbon Footprint?

by Ryan Johnson |September 22, 2020 |0 Comments | General |

The world is moving swiftly to achieve goals of significantly reducing the impact of climate change. Carbon dioxide emissions in Read More

security shutters for businesses

5 Cost-Effective Ways to Secure Your Business

by Ryan Johnson |September 16, 2020 |0 Comments | Rollshutters | , , ,

The best way to safeguard your greatest asset is to invest in efficient security for your business. While good security, Read More

save on heating bill for winter

7 Ways to Reduce Your Heating Bill this Winter

by Ryan Johnson |January 24, 2020 |0 Comments | Tips & Tricks |

Winter can be a very expensive season. Heating costs rank for many as a challenge during the winter months, and Read More

sustainability practices

Sustainability Practices for 2020 You Can Do Right Now at Home

by Ryan Johnson |January 17, 2020 |0 Comments | Tips & Tricks | , ,

It’s a new year, and while the debate goes on whether we’re in a new decade or not (we’re not), Read More

Solar Screens

What You Need to Know Before Purchasing Solar Screens

by Ryan Johnson |December 11, 2018 |0 Comments | Habitat Screens | , ,

Savvy homeowners recognize the numerous benefits of investing in cost-efficient solar screens, such as Habitat Screens, as the mercury rises Read More

innovative solar panel applications

Innovative Ways to Integrate Solar Panels into your Home

by Ryan Johnson |September 13, 2018 |0 Comments | Tips & Tricks |

If you haven’t guessed it as yet, energy efficiency is important to us as a company. It’s become a core Read More


Technologies that can Make your Home more Energy Efficient

by Ryan Johnson |July 24, 2018 |0 Comments | Tips & Tricks | , , ,

As we grow in technological sophistication, more and more technologies have come to the fore to make your home more Read More

Security Screens

6 Things You Can Do To Get Your Patio Summer Ready

by Ryan Johnson |June 7, 2018 |0 Comments | Habitat Screens | ,

Summer is almost upon us, and if you’re anything like me you’ll want to get the most out of this Read More