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29 Oct

5 Companies that are Leading the Way in Sustainability Trends

Picture a world free of pollution and toxic waste. We […]

rollshutter security systems
22 Oct

A Buyer’s Guide to Security Options for Your Home

Nobody wants to live in a home that’s vulnerable to […]

tiny homes
14 Oct

Why are Some People Choosing to Live in Tiny Homes

Big houses come with big expenses. Utility bills, property taxes […]

25 Sep

Getting the Most out of Your Patio During the Fall

The official start of fall comes with the Autumnal Equinox […]

innovative solar panel applications
13 Sep

Innovative Ways to Integrate Solar Panels into your Home

If you haven’t guessed it as yet, energy efficiency is […]

28 Aug

Rollshutters Vs. Screens: When to Use Each

Outfitting your home with Rollshutters and Habitat Screens can be […]

15 Aug

Quick Ways to Update your Patio for Summer

Everyone loves summertime, and the patio is a great place […]

high rise building with habitat screens, BC Energy Step Code
31 Jul

What is the Energy Step Code for British Columbia?

Founded in April 2017, the BC Energy Step Code was […]

24 Jul

Technologies that can Make your Home more Energy Efficient

As we grow in technological sophistication, more and more technologies […]

Security Shutter
26 Jun

10 Items Under $20 To Make Your Summer Home Look Great

Our summer getaways are supposed to be fun sanctuaries that […]