The Awning Advantage

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Life is Cooler in the Shade

Awnings are not only energy efficient, they keep you cool outside on your patio as well as inside your home. Our waterproof window awnings have been popular in Europe for generations because they are simple to install and offer great sun protection. In addition, all of our products are custom fit to beautifully incorporate with your unique home.

Professionally installed, Talius awnings are built for long term satisfaction. They block up to 75% of solar heat from entering your house through windows! Awnings will expand your living space and enhance the enjoyment of your home. For more sun protection solutions, click here.

Each Talius awning comes with either manual or motorized controls which ensure a smooth operation and means nearly anyone can operate them. Moreover, each comes in a variety of solid colours or striped patterns. Our awnings are tailored to harmonize with any home and create a truly cohesive look to the exterior of your home.

An Energy Efficient Solution for Your Home

High energy costs are usually associated with the winter months and heating bills – however, the summer months can also rack up high energy bills as well. Air conditioning systems and high-powered fans consume a lot of energy and can incur high maintenance bills.

Talius awnings are the ideal solution. All our awnings are energy efficient. Each of our awnings reduce direct sunlight which decreases the inside temperature of your home by up to 9.5°C (15F) dramatically cutting down your need for expensive air conditioners and fans.

Talius automated retractable awnings allow your family to save money and reduce your home’s carbon footprint. Our awnings also help to decrease the sunlight in your home reducing glare on your television and computer screens!

For more energy efficient solutions for your home, click here.

Expand Your Living Space

Each awning is expertly manufactured and comes with manufacturer’s warranty. Our advanced technology and superior materials ensure your long-term satisfaction.

Each premium quality, retractable awning in not only elegant in design but durable as well. With a wide selection of solid and striped fabric patterns, they are the ideal upgrade for your home.

Talius awnings will allow you to enjoy your living space, cut down on energy costs, and prevent your furniture and textiles from fading. Get more out of your home with Talius. Talius awnings are available through the Talius Vancouver branch, contact one of our knowledgeable representatives today to learn more!

Talius Provides Trusted Solutions for Your Home

Talius is a service oriented company and we pride ourselves on our superior customer service. For over 30 years we have earned the trust of our clients and earned the reputation for being a reputable industry leader. To constantly deliver excellent value and peace of mind, we work closely with each of our clients to provide the best service and solution to their needs.

If you have any questions or would like to install an awning, rollshutters or Habitat Screens ™ for your home or business, our helpful representatives are always available to you.