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security shutters residential
24 Jun

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Security Roller Shutters

Rollshutters, Security Shutters, Hurricane Shutters: What’s the Difference? Generally speaking, […]

Talius Roller Shutters Residential
30 May

8 Ways to Keep your Home Cool this Summer Without Using AC

Summer cometh… and we here at Talius are determined to […]

Jason & Brooke Watorek
18 May

Breaking News: Talius Opens New Manufacturing Plant in Ontario

Last week Talius opened a new manufacturing plant in Windsor, […]

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5 May

5 Home Improvement Projects that will Pay Off when Selling Your Home

The value of homes can fluctuate quite drastically with certain […]

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17 Apr

5 Ways to Save Money on Your Electric Bill

Every month, like clockwork, the bills come in. One of […]

7 Apr

How Installing Roller Shutters Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Without a doubt, climate change is happening at a tremendous […]

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30 Mar

The Key Benefits of Installing Roller Shutters and Security Shutters

Many savvy property owners can provide great anecdotes of ways […]

Talius business security shutters
23 Mar

3 Essential Ways to Protect your Business from Property Damage

Ask any business owner what they consider to be a […]

Commercial Storm Bars 1
16 Mar
Talius Roller Shutters
8 Mar

Times Talius Roller Shutters and Security Shutters Saved the Day

It isn’t every day that we associate Talius roller shutters […]